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S03 EP15 - The New Age

Welcome back to another episode! Today we welcomed a very good friend of ours and self-entitled "King of Nostalgia", Prime, host of the Prime Nostalgia Podcast! We dive head first into a loaded conversation about "America's Terror" genre of music, hip-hop, and how we feel its influence has evolved (or not) from decades ago to current day.

S03 EP14 - Where Attractions Lies

In today’s episode we get into a discussion about what we are attracted to romantically and platonically. Mel and Kay give examples based off of their current partners and Kelli is a woman who ALWAYS knows what she wants. Later in the show we get into the current shit show of Texas and the current attack on women's reproductive rights.

S03 EP13 - It‘s Not All

In today’s episode, we get into a topic that is very dear to us, debunking the generalization of “all women”, because it is NOT all of us! Later in the show we share our feelings on how we feel about wedding and if we do or do not want one of our own.

S03 EP12 - That's My Energy

You know when you see it. You may even have it yourself. It's the social media topic du jour, but what exactly is Big Dick Energy (BDE)? And how do you know if you've got it? We tell you all about our tips, tricks, deets and more in this episode!

S03 EP11 - Heartbreak Hotel

Today, it's all about heartbreak and us baring our individual truths about it - the good, the ugly, and the emotional. Let’s be clear, here at High Tea we believe that break-ups can be platonic as well! Later in the episode, we speak about grieving the person we thought someone was to shut down this heartbreak hotel.


In this episode we are having a long and much needed discussion around the topic of RESPECT. Miss Aretha Franklin could not have said it better herself, and we are here to back her up! Later in the episode, we turned our social media moment of the week into an informational PSA rant about the heighten degeneracy of people during the global pandemic.

S03 EP9 - Apply Pressure

In this episode we're welcoming a very special guest co-host to the mic - Life Coach and host of the See. Plan. Do Show, Garry O’Neal Jr.! This is especially a highlight for us as Garry is our first male guest on High Tea, so the additional perspective is without a doubt a breath of fresh air to the conversation! Today, we have a seat at the table to have an open, honest, and poignant discussion about the societal pressures of people asking the "So when are you..." questions. "So when are you getting married/having kids/etc?" At the end of the day for, each and every one of us has our own life journey, and our mental health should be above all a top priority. True happiness can only come from within, not solely from a "fairytale happy ending" with someone else. Take a listen and follow Garry O’Neal Jr. on all of his socials and podcast: Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Instagram: @seeplandoshow & @lifecoachgarryonealjr Twitter: @seeplandoshow Facebook: The See Plan Do Show Podcast website: www.seeplandoshow.com Life Coach website: www.lifecoachgarryonealjr.com

S03 EP8 - Evoking Triggers

Welcome back to another episode! In this episode, we share some of our personal triggers the good and the bads. Later in the episode we share a few stereotypes that rubs us the wrong way. Stay tuned for this week social media moment and also our weekly r...

S03 EP7 - This Was Not The Plan

This episode was totally unplanned, but oh so very refreshing! In High Tea fashion, we bounce back and forth with each other about "Our First Time." Nothing too crazy, but just something fun to go off on tangents on. Don't worry though, we'll be back next week with our regularly scheduled programing of topics and conversations!

S03 EP6 - Your Questions, Our Answers

In this episode, we are here to answer the questions you guys have been asking us over the past few weeks! We are so excited for this segment as it gives us the opportunity for some lighthearted conversations and most importantly answering the people!

S03 EP5 - The Ugly Truths

In this episode, we speak about how we individually define intimacy and how it differs from sex. Later, we speak on the ugly truths of friendships, how to tell your friend that their partner is not the one.

S03 EP4 - PC Is Stressful

In this episode, we talk about the current PC culture in America and how it’s been sitting with us as young black millennial woman. Later, we give our outlook on stress and share some tips on how we personally deal with stress in our day to day lives.

S03 EP 3 - It's The Rant For Me

In this episode the High Tea girls rant about issues seen and spoken about in the media and how they portray "Black culture".

S03 EP2 - Raise Ya Kids

In this episode, we have a hefty conversation on a subject that many people like to ignore--gender roles and gender norms in modern day society--and boy do we have opinions about it. Be sure to stay tuned for this week's social media moment, followed by the raising of boys vs girls and how we perpetuate gender stereotypes into them.

S03 EP1 - The Girls Are Back

We kicked off Season 3 by talking about something dear to all 3 of us--finding our purpose in life along with the highs and lows in the process. Stay tuned for our very interesting view point on our weekly social media moment. Later in the show, we lighten things up with a hilarious game of 'Would You Rather?'

S02 EP16- We Have A Problem

Welcome to our final episode of Season 2! In today's episode, we share our feelings on how we feel about today’s modern view on how Black acceptance has affected us growing up a millennials and where our minds are at now as adults. Later in the show we share some gems on how we get through this roller coaster of life.

S02 EP15 - Back At It Again, Karen

Welcome back to another episode of High Tea! Today we continue a conversation from Season 1 about our beloved KARENS! Later on, we share our thoughts on the culture and code of the streets as known as 'snitching.'

S02 EP14 - It's The Flags For Me

Welcome back to another episode! Today, we'd like to welcome our fellow pod-friend to the show, Angela Sheree from The Ever Evolving Podcast! Today, we get into some girl chat sharing our views on the flag system, red to green and everything in between!

S02 EP13 - Evaluation Thy Self

Welcome back to another episode! In todays episode we share our thoughts on what value means to us and our stories on how we came to finding it out for ourselves. Later, we give some of our personal tips that have got us to the point of not giving a flying f-word in this game called life.

S02 EP12 - The Good Old Days

Welcome back to another episode! In today's episode we reminisce about our younger days highlighting the late 90's to early 2000's and some highlights from those times. Later, we get into a few traditions from our childhood and how we feel about them today.

S02 EP11 - When The Situation Calls

Welcome back! Today, we have a very special episode welcoming our fellow pod-friend to the show, B Nicole! We're sitting down and diving into some light hearted girl chat on situationships, FWB, booty calls, one-night stands and entanglements.

S02 EP10 - At Least They Tried

Welcome back to another episode! Today we get into some lighthearted chit-chat about our childhood and how we feel currently about how our parents has raised us. Later, we debunk some myths and false statements thrown on us as kids and how we feel about them today.

S02 EP9 - We Got Questions

We asked our listeners on Instagram about what they want to hear us talk about and a lot of many wanted us to have a Q&A segment. So in today's episode, that's exactly what we did! Later in the show, we share our feelings recapping 2020 and what we have learned in the past year.

Episode 8 - Appropriating For The Clout

Welcome back to another episode! In today's episode we share our thoughts on the disgusting world of cultural appropriation and share some moments where we felt this was done. Later in the episode, we discuss "doing it" for the clout/views. If you stuck ...