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Season 1

S01 EP12 - Never Gonna Stop Loving You

In the Season 1 finale episode, we share some of our personal betrayals made by past lovers, friends and family members and how it affected us then and what we have learned from it today. In the second half, we discuss the different styles of communications in both friendships & romantic relationships!

S01 EP9 - Like a BOSS

Welcome back to the madness! In today's episode, we get into what binds us together as friends, our RBF! If you know, you know. If you don't, then hang around. We also touch on being Black working in a Corporate America, professional settings, and code switching!

S01 EP8 - Let's Get Educated

In today's episode we're talking education! Yes, "ed-u-ma-ca-tion", in the words of Kay. We also get into our own experiences in the education system and how it has affected us into adulthood.

S01 EP7 - Yeah, We Said it (Part II)

What's up High Tea Fam! In today's episode, we're continuing our S.E.X talk from episode 6 and we dive into our feelings about cheating, hoes and side pieces. So pick your poison and tune in because it's going to be a hilarious episode!

S01 EP6 - Yeah, We Said It (Part I)

Somebody call 911, because it's getting steamy up in here! In today's episode, we're getting into some NSFW girl talk. We sharing some of our do's and don'ts, our best and our worst. Yes, it's S.E.X. and bedroom talk today with tons of laugher mixed in between! **DISCLAIMER: If you are sensitive to intimate conversations, then this episode may not be for you, although we are a completely judgement free zone here!**

S01 EP5 - Love & Marriage

Hello everyone! Welcome back for another episode of the semi-madness. In today's episode we dive into our personal experiences dating as young black women then into the unpopular topic of marriage! After all, you gotta date before you get married!

S01 EP4 - Love Yourself More, Sis

In today's episode, we are more tranquil than usual as we try to understand if beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, or if everyone is their own type of beautiful. In the second half of the episode, we talk about beauty trends we appreciate and are so happy we don't have to see anymore, as well as every Black girl's long and evolving journey...HAIR!

S01 EP3 - Exit stage left, KAREN

Hello, hello, hello! In this episode we get into the topic of KARENS. Yes, the obnoxious Karens and Kevins strolling around tormenting the civilized with their misery. But this chat excludes the sweet Karens we all might actually know! Since we're on the topic of someone's angry Aunty Karen, we get into how we deal with our own anger especially as Black women and debunk the term "angry Black woman".

S01 EP2 - The Diverse Oreos

In this episode, we get into the topic of being "oreo-fied" by society and how diversity plays a roll in our everyday lives. Also, a little more about where we grew up and where we are currently located and how it has played a huge part in who we are today. **DISCLAIMER: If your ears and minds are sensitive, we do not apologize in advance for any sensitivity you may experience.**

S01 EP1 - It's Never too Late to Learn

Hello hello hello! We're so glad you stopped by for today's sips and dish! In this pilot episode, we discuss who we are, how we came to be and how we created the beautiful little baby of a podcast! We also get into the things we should have learned and the things we feel our parents failed to teach us before life did. Shame on you mom and dad, but we still love you bunches!