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Season 4

Episode 12 - All About The Letters Part 2

Welcome back to another episode and the finally episode of the season! To conclude season 4 we are dedicating a full episode to our Tea Chat Tingz letters! The ladies are opening a bunch of letters submitted by our listeners and as usual this is the firs...

S04 EP 9 - Millennial Pipe Dream

In today's episode, the ladies dive into the dreams sold to us in our youth by TV and our surroundings. We get into how it had affected our perspective now as adults and how we have been coping with the highs and the low of it all. Later in the show, we play a game of "Would You Rather...", popcorn style!

S04 EP 8 - Vibing with A Balance

In today's episode, the ladies dive into the power of balance as we navigate the world as Black women and how we find balance in our personal and work lives. Later in the episode, we touch on the overhyped wave of "good vibes only" and what exactly it means to us individually. Stay tuned for this week's ludacris AF social media moment.

S04 EP 7 - All About The Letters

In today's episode, we are tearing open 3 really juicy Tea Chat Tingz letters that lead us into some provoking thoughts and share our unhinged opinions with y'all. Stay tuned for our two ridiculous social media moments if you want some laughs! As always, join us again next week for more conversations.  If you need any advice or want to share your juicy anonymous stories, send us an email at Highteamkk@gmail.com to have your letter featured on a segment of Tea Chat Tingz!

S04 EP 6 - Staying Safe Even When It’s Safe

In today’s episode, we are back and voicing our concern about women's safety while we navigate our daily lives. Because the crime rates against women have dangerously increased, we feel we have an obligation as three, outspoken millennial Black women to speak on this. Later on, we share some open and unsolved Black true crime cases. Some may be familiar to most, one case is very close to Kelli, but all (and more) must be spotlighted!

S04 EP 5 - It’s the Blend Baby

Welcome back to another episode! Tune in today as we deep dive into the "Swirl World" of navigating interracial relationships, and hear us give some awesome #TeaChatTings advice to a mother who just wants what's best for her daughter!

S04 EP4 - Never Have I Never... Maybe?

Welcome back to another episode! Tune in today as we talk about our personal struggle bus moments, bouncing back from hard times with grit, grace, and purpose, as well as a fun drinking game to lift the mood of 'Never Have I Ever.'

S04 EP3 - This One's for the Girls

Being a Black woman in America means realizing that doing everything right and being our authentic self may not be enough. Tune in today as we discuss the pros/cons of being Black women and "pretty privilege."

S04 EP1 - 2022, What’s New?

Welcome back for a new season and a new year! In this first episode of season 4, the ladies begin with some small talk on our mindset from last year and where we would like to be by the end of 2022, followed by reflecting on 2021 and what we have learn over the past 12 months. We would also like to say how excited we are to introduce a NEW advice column segment on the show called "Tea Chat Tings" where we read anonymous letters submitted by our listeners and we give our solicited two cents - and boy are the letters & stories wild and unheard of! If you have stuck around till the end of the episode and you've liked what you've heard, please visit our IG (@hightea_podcast) and Twitter (@HighTeaPod1) and leave a review on your favorite podcast app!