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High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay

High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay is hosted by Melissa, Kelli and Keshana. These three best friends may come from totally different backgrounds, but the lifelong bond and sisterhood they have manifested and created together is unbreakable. They express who they truly are and speak on the issues they face every day as melanated millennial women. They may not always see eye to eye, but they love to have unapologetic discussions about social faux paus, relationships, changing the narrative, and deconstructing taboo topics. So buckle up, grab a glass, and pinkies up because nothing is off limits!

High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay

Recent Episodes

Episode 2 - Future Check-In

Aug. 9, 2022

Welcome back for another episode! Today, us ladies are sitting down to share a few items we have on our future goals list waiting to be checked off. As all of us are getting older and wiser getting things done is the busines…

Episode 1- And...We’re Back!

Aug. 2, 2022

We are back and better than ever for season 5! It has been a while but the long-winded hiatus is over. In today's episode, we are discussing thing that we fell that society needs to normalize plus things that needs to stop b…

Episode 12 - All About The Letters Part 2

April 5, 2022

Welcome back to the season 4 finale episode of High Tea!! To conclude season 4, we are dedicating a full episode to our Tea Chat Tingz letters! The ladies are opening a bunch of letters submitted by our listeners and as usua…