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High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay

High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay is hosted by Melissa, Kelli and Keshana. These three best friends may come from totally different backgrounds, but the lifelong bond and sisterhood they have manifested and created together is unbreakable. They express who they truly are and speak on the issues they face every day as melanated millennial women. They may not always see eye to eye, but they love to have unapologetic discussions about social faux paus, relationships, changing the narrative, and deconstructing taboo topics. So buckle up, grab a glass, and pinkies up because nothing is off limits!

High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay

Recent Episodes

episode 7 - F Is For Friends

Sept. 27, 2022

After a short break to regroup and adult, the girls are back and ready to chat! in Today's episode we are breaking down the struggles of finding friends as adults and some ways we have been navigating this part of life. Late…

Episode 6 - School Daze

Sept. 6, 2022

Welcome back to another episode! Today we sit down with the ladies of Small Talk Podcast Bryttany and Aisya as we discuss our days in high school. Later in the show, we give a little bit of advice to current high schoolers o…

Episode 5 - It’s No Longer Giving

Aug. 30, 2022

Welcome back for this weeks episode! Joining in on the chit chat this week, we are very please to welcome on author, motivational speak and entrepreneur Ms. Sunni T. Conner! This episode is for any and everyone trying to mov…