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Authentic and Enjoyable!

From one millennial to three more, these ladies are it! Covering a broad range of topics, with three very insightful perspectives I’m sure to come back for more. If I could give this pod 10 stars I would’ve!

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I love the hosts’ conversations!! It feels like hanging out with friends, excellent topics, will be listening to every episode!

Dope podcast show keep doing yall things ladies

This show should be required listening. I feel like I learn so much from it, and I think a lot of ignorant people need to hear what these women have to say. The hosts are so engaging and funny. I love that they aren't afraid to express what they're thinking, and the in-depth sociological discussions are captivating.

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It’s feminism and real talk and sociological discussions. The hosts are engaging and the topics are relevant to absolutely everybody. I learned a lot from this show, and I hope other people listen to gain new insight as well.

Great and Relatable

Great to hear topics from three different perspectives. These ladies are vulnerable and well informed when giving their opinions! Love the show!!! Awesome conversations ladies :) -ForABlkGirl

Sorry, Not Sorry.

Loooove everything about this episode!! The passion and realness!!!

Mel, Kel and Kay have created a welcoming platform and great podcast if you want something different. What makes it different for me is the way they speak their truths from their own perspectives and arent shy to do so. They get along seamlessly without compromising their positions, this is refreshing and makes the show flow smoothly. Give them a listen, like and subscribe!

Great awesome wonderful

You guys are so wholesome and have such amazing content! Keep up with it and you guys can go so far!!! -Wine Chronicles Podcast

Dope content!

Love you guys!

Absolutely love you all!!!!! Can’t wait for the next season 🥰🥰🥰

I'm not blowing any smoke when I say.....this is one of the best podcast going right now. These ladies are raw, funny, and unapologetic. It's a real dope show.


Mel, Kel, and Kay are like the roommates you want in college, the girlfriend that will tell you like it is but will lift you up when you are down. They say some of the things we are thinking and I commend them for having such courageous conversations. This is the show that will leave you feeling like ain’t that the truth, what really happened was, and Karen go find you several seats! Keep up the great work ladies. You have a fan in me. ❤️❤️

Episode 2!

Omg you ladies snapped on episode 2! I’ve never related to a topic so much! Growing up I was always labeled as an Oreo or “white washed” and it was always by our own people. I feel like this is a subject that isn’t brought up enough in the black community, so thank you so much for elaborating on that. Loved it! You ladies are so authentic and I felt like I was in the conversation, keep it up! - Kahisha from mics and mimosas podcast 💙

Black Girl Magic!

Love the show!! These ladies are articulate, authentic, and fun. The show is entertaining and honest covering a wide range of topics from a unique perspectives. It’s thought provoking, challenging and down right funny. Keep the episodes coming ladies I can’t wait to hear more!

Amazing work!

Love love love these ladies. Their topics and conversations are always real and pertinent to what’s happening in the world. They have such good chemistry and their personal experiences are easy to relate to. So glad these women have a platform to speak on their experiences and share their knowledge! Can’t wait to join them for future topics and chats! -Nina & Madison from Weekly Wondering Podcast ✨


Great first episode...I enjoy listening to you ladies...looking forward to more...Proud of you ladies and to my beautiful niece Kay...You guys rock...❤️😘😍...Peace and love 💕 Tasha


Great first episode, I enjoyed listening to you ladies, you made me laugh. Looking forward for more episodes! Take care!