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Season 5

Episode 2 - Future Check-In

Welcome back for another episode! Today, us ladies are sitting down to share a few items we have on our future goals list waiting to be checked off. As all of us are getting older and wiser getting things done is the business we are here for. After our c...

Episode 1- And...We’re Back!

We are back and better than ever for season 5! It has been a while but the long-winded hiatus is over. In today's episode, we are discussing thing that we fell that society needs to normalize plus things that needs to stop being normalized. We also play a brief game of catch up to fill you guys in on where we have been and what we have been doing on our hiatus. Stay tuned in because later in the episode we open a Tea Chat Tingz letter and babyyyy....this one is messy messy! If you need any advice or want to share your juicy anonymous stories, send us an email at Highteamkk@gmail.com to have your letter featured on an episode of Tea Chat Tingz! Follow us on IG @hightea_podcast and please leave us a review!