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S02 EP16- We Have A Problem

S02 EP16- We Have A Problem

Welcome to our final episode of Season 2! In today's episode, we share our feelings on how we feel about today’s modern view on how Black acceptance has affected us growing up a millennials and where our minds are at now as adults. Later in the show we share some gems on how we get through this roller coaster of life.

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0:11 Intro⁣⁣⁣⁣
3:06 Episode overview ⁣
4:00 How does slavery still effects us in 2021⁣
5:46 Saying the word 'Nigga'⁣
15:47 Necessary codeswitch⁣
16:45 Open book Millennials ⁣
19:21 School & slavery ⁣
21:19 Lack of pride & belonging⁣
25:30 Cultural trauma cycle⁣
27:37 Hope for future generations ⁣
30:08 Policing of Black communities ⁣
34:00 "Is this a safe area?"⁣
35:49 Dehumanization of Black men⁣
39:09 Being ashamed of your own kind⁣
42:43 SMM—Single mom leaves kids alone to provide⁣
62:01 How to stay sane in an insane world⁣
62:08 Find an outlet⁣
63:22 Focus on the little bits of good ⁣
64:00 Write out your chaos⁣
64:34 Know that everyone has their levels⁣
65:23 Someone always has it harder than you⁣
66:42 Forgive & forget more often⁣
67:44 Celebrate your wins⁣
68:30 Accept things as they are if you have no control over it⁣
70:28 Weekly Recommendations⁣⁣
82:55 Outro⁣

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 


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