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Garry O'Neal Jr.Profile Photo

Garry O'Neal Jr.

Life & Business Coach and host of The See. Plan. Do Show

Serving as a professional life and business coach, Garry's philosophy during coaching revolves around 3 simple things: seeing, planning, and doing. He uses his experiences, expertise, and education to drive engaging and honest conversations within each and every episode of his podcast!

S03 EP9 - Apply Pressure

In this episode we're welcoming a very special guest co-host to the mic - Life Coach and host of the See. Plan. Do Show, Garry O’Neal Jr.! This is especially a highlight for us as Garry is our first male guest on High Tea, so the additional perspective is without a doubt a breath of fresh air to the conversation! Today, we have a seat at the table to have an open, honest, and poignant discussion about the societal pressures of people asking the "So when are you..." questions. "So when are you getting married/having kids/etc?" At the end of the day for, each and every one of us has our own life journey, and our mental health should be above all a top priority. True happiness can only come from within, not solely from a "fairytale happy ending" with someone else. Take a listen and follow Garry O’Neal Jr. on all of his socials and podcast: Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Instagram: @seeplandoshow & @lifecoachgarryonealjr Twitter: @seeplandoshow Facebook: The See Plan Do Show Podcast website: www.seeplandoshow.com Life Coach website: www.lifecoachgarryonealjr.com