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Angela Sheree'Profile Photo

Angela Sheree'

Host of The Ever Evolving Podcast

Angela Sheree’ is host and creator of The Ever Evolving Podcast, which explores REAL LIFE challenges that keep us learning and evolving! In every episode, Angela seeks to bring a fresh new perspective on things that most people shy away from. Her personal struggles fuel the passion behind the podcast. She is a living, walking testimony!

For years, she struggled with depression due to growing up in a home where domestic violence was prevalent. She also suffered from insecurity because of bullying and abuse of all forms, but she overcame it all. At 18, she became a teen mother and has had a very difficult time throughout the years including many major losses, but she decided to fuel the pain into purpose and to use it all as an opportunity to bring glory to God by sharing my story and helping others to know that it’s not what you’ve been through, it’s how you come out! Angela’s passion is being a Mother, helping others and helping them pursue their purpose.

S02 EP14 - It's The Flags For Me

Welcome back to another episode! Today, we'd like to welcome our fellow pod-friend to the show, Angela Sheree from The Ever Evolving Podcast! Today, we get into some girl chat sharing our views on the flag system, red to green and everything in between!