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Episode 3 - This Ones For The Girls


Welcome back to another episode! In today’s episode we get into some deep conversation on our experiences as black women and also give a list of changes we hope to see going forward for all black women! Later in the show we get into the very touchy topic of pretty privilege . If you have stuck around till the end of the episode and you've liked what you've heard please visit out IG page @hightea_podcast and leave a review with the link in our bio or on the platform you have listened to this episode. Follow us on IG and follow us on twitter @HighTeaPod1. If you need any advice or would like to write into us, you can send us an email at Highteamkk@gmaill.com to have your letter featured on an episode of Tea Chat Tingz. Thank you all for listening and you’ll hear us again next Tuesday!