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Episode 14 - Where Attractions Lies


Welcome back to another episode! In today’s episode we get into a discussion about what we are attracted to romantically and platonically. Mel and Kay give examples based off of their current partners and Kelli is a woman who ALWAYS knows what she wants. Later in the shower we get into the current shit show of Texas and the current attack on women's reproductive right.  If you have stuck around till the end of the episode and you've liked what you've heard please visit out IG page @hightea_podcast and leave a review with the link in our bio or on whatever platform you have listened to this episode. Follow us on IG and follow us on twitter @HighTeaPod1. If you need any advice or would like to write into us, you can send us an email at Highteamkk@gmaill.com . Thank you all for listening and you’ll hear us again next Tuesday!